Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August 4 Updated Floor Plans

The floor plans below include the revisions discussed with the Greenwood MS staff on July 29, 2015.  Modifications are explained in more detail in the Enlarged Area Plans further below.

Enlarged Area Plans:
Typical Classroom wing:

  •  Typical classroom furniture layout is shown. 
    • Storage casework (all tall cabinets) provided along the wall adjacent to the door to the room (back of the room)
  • Science:
    • Science classrooms have been reconfigured. Two lab/classrooms provided with perimeter workstations. Tables with epoxy tops will be used for student seating and can be pushed into the casework to be used in lab configuration. * sinks provided in each lab.
    • Common storage room between the 2 Science Rooms is provided.
    • Project Room for use by any subject is provided between the Science Classrooms (it is smaller room that can accommodate 15 students +/-)
  • Student Restrooms have been reconfigured to add fixtures. (Each restroom now has 7 toilet fixtures)
  • The Resource Room and Team Room are flexible rooms.
    • The Resource Room will have a demountable partition separator (like furniture systems) that could be moved if required.
    • The Team Room will have an operable partition that can be open or closed to allow multiple functions simultaneously or open room up to one bigger function. 
Administration and Cafeteria

  • The Bookstore configuration now has an "in" door and "out" door for improved student traffic when buying things across the transaction counter.  Storage for the bookstore will be around the room and can extend into the underside of the monumental stair platform. A display case is provided adjacent to the Bookstore entry to display items for sale, etc.
  • A space for the Principal's Assistant has been provided in the open corridor area outside of the Principal's office.  This location will  help with supervision of students waiting to see Asst. Principals sitting in the Corridor.
  • The Cafeteria and Kitchen layouts are not finalized.  Meetings with food service personnel is needed.
Gymnasiums & Music
  • The Locker Rooms have expanded to the west (back wall of bleachers) The Locker layouts have been modified to include 500 box lockers (1 x 1 x 1) in each locker room and 40 single tier lockers. This will allow all students to store their gym clothes in the box lockers and use the larger lockers to change clothes when they have gym class.
  • The PE Office entry is within the entry to locker rooms
  • The number of toilet fixtures in restrooms has increased.
  • A second Concessions stand at south building entry has been added.
  • The Band room has been slightly decreased in size and squared off. Inst. Storage will be provided around the perimeter of the room.
  • The Band Ensemble Room and Band Office sizes have increased.
  • The number of Band Practice Rooms has been reduced. The area where the practice rooms previously were, and the corridor access between them, provides space for a third ensemble area.
  • The Choral Room includes portable bleachers to house 70 students.
  • The Choral office has expanded to allow it to hold Choral Music library.
  • MIDI keyboards will be stored in Choral room and when needed will play in the Choral room.
Football lockers and Wrestling
  • Athletic Support (Coaches' office) and Storage have swapped locations. The Athletic Support room will have a door that opens to the locker room.
Media Center and Community Resource

  • A processing center has been added to the Media Center for copying, laminating, and other reproduction needs.
  • The Corporation Technology is adjacent to the Media Center.
  • The Computer Lab for Media Center at northeast corner of MC.  
  • More detail will come for this area after it is reviewed with staff this week.
  • A District Training office added next to Technology Room with an associated storage area.
Industrial Tech, Art, Computers, etc.

  • Industrial Tech has been relocated to the west side of the Corridor and expanded. Space required for shop needs will be reviewed further in the future.
  • - The Cardio/Weight Room reduced in size. there is currently space for 40 to use the room at once. A window overlooking the main gym is provided.
  • - The Art Room will defined further after meeting with Art Teacher this week.
  • - The Computer Technology Labs have been relocated to the east side of the corridor. The layout for each room will be flexible to allow perimeter configuration or in rows.
  • - Computer Labs/Production rooms have been added adjacent to Computer Labs.